Create a Profitable Blog in just 30 days – Best ways

The most simple way of making money from blogging in few days is creating extremely targeted niche blog through which regular information can be given to the niche audience.

Products related to it can also be promoted in the blog.  

This way money can be made from the blog.

It is simple to build a blog like this.

Given below are 7 steps through which a profitable and successful blog can be created.

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A desperate niche should be chosen

Desperate niche is regarded as the most profitable niche.

This is because many people spend millions for getting rid of the problems.

This is done desperately. Grab this opportunity and at the same time make profit.

If you see some issue that people are attempting to solve desperately, this becomes the desperate niche.

This niche should be picked for the foundation of the blog.

Domain and Hosting should be purchased

Now that the niche is ready, a good domain name should be chosen for theblog.

Name of the blog is of great importance. It will help in building the brand later.

A catchy name should be chosen for the blog niche. Once a good name is picked up, it should be registered immediately on NameCheap or GoDaddy.

A good hosting should also be chosen that would accompany the domain and would host the blog files.

A good hosting has 99 percent uptime, unlimited web space and unlimited bandwidth. BlueHost or HostGator should be preferred.

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Evergreen content should be created for the blog

Now once everything is set up, content should be posted to the blog. 

Evergreen content should be given priority over temporary content. The blog should be made a good information source which has a relevance forever. 

Relevancy is very important and it would help the blog in thriving even for 5 years from now. The goal is populating the blog with many evergreen content items as possible.

Social media connections should be made

Nowadays, social media is gaining a lot of importance. More emphasis has been put by Google on popularity of social media for determining the blog rank in search result.

So, setting up social media connections is very important. The popularity of blog would be made in social media. With this, more traffic can be attracted to the blog.

A video channel should be prepared

A video channel should be prepared for the blog on YouTube. This is one of the best sources of traffic for the blog. Then, regular videos should be released related to the niche.

The videos should be quite useful for audience and after that they might want a subscription to the channel. The goal is increasing the subscribers in the channel and promoting the blog constantly in video releases

Some guest posts should be written

Making a connection with other blogs will help in making the blog known within the niche.

It will help in establishing an expert status within the niche so that the blog becomes trustworthy for the audience.

Writing the guest posts on a regular basis is very essential to keep the blog connected with other blogs.

Thus, the presence of blog within the niche would be increased. New audience should be attracted to the blog.

A reputation should be established on forums

Forum marketing is considered to be very important. Most audience visit several popular forums for discussing the problems with others.

This is an opportunity for connecting with them and getting a good relationship established with the audience.

Now you can say that got some ideas about maintaining your blog and how to make a profitable blog. 


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